Who could have planned yesterday’s grotesque overlay of events celebrating rampant narcissism?

In Hollywood, the beautiful and be-gowned walked a carpet, thrust legs and bosoms toward the cameras, then settled in for a celebration of each other and their strange craft.

In Orlando, FL, home of Disney World, much taller narcissists played an all-star basketball game that was about scoring, not defending, also known as “give ME the ball!” Hence the final score: 152 to 149.

In Traverse City, MI, the strangest presidential candidate since Sarah Palin argued, in the face of European history and much of American history, that our society needs more religion in the political process, not less. His kind of religion, of course, the kind that demonizes all views but his own and uses religion to wound, not to heal; to blame, not to show mercy.

If Rick Santorum wonders why separation of church and state was adopted in the first place, he should watch his own campaign videos. His brand of divisive, arrogant, opportunistic religiosity would unleash some frightening demons on the land.

We are witnessing the triumph of egoism, vanity and selfishness (personal narcissism) and elitism and disregard for others (social narcissism). Self-absorption so dominates the Republican presidential campaign that John F. Kennedy’s concern for others seems quaint. The idea of white men passing a Civil Rights Act because it is the right thing to do seems far-fetched. The generous spirit of Dwight Eisenhower and insistent accountability of Harry Truman seem ancient history.

Narcissism, of course, isn’t just a minor lapse in manners. It is a personality disorder that destroys both self and others. It’s time to bring out the Psych 101 textbooks and study this pathology.

Photo: A new Peruvian restaurant in our neighborhood.