By Tom Ehrich

SAN MATEO, CA -- Discoveries after my first two days of quasi-residence in the town where my wife is spending this year caring for our grandson.

(I am visiting for a week and plan to come back one week a month as long as this grandson-caring gig goes on.)

Discovery 1: I can indeed work anywhere.

Thanks to technology, I worked for five hours on the airplane and then hit the ground running in my wife's apartment. I have been as productive here as at my office in Midtown Manhattan.

Discovery 2: Who needs a Midtown office?

I have been wondering this. Now I'm wondering even more. Not sure what the best alternative is. Just wondering.

Discovery 3: Freedom of movement matters.

For years I allowed myself to be tethered to an employer, an office, a staff, a location, and duties that could only be done in one place. No more of that. I love being able to move about, set my own schedule, do what seems important, skip what doesn't feel important, and work when I am most alert, not when it's convenient for others.

Discovery 4: No more wasting time in office stuff.

Even if my business exploded and I needed staff, I can't imagine piling us all into a single place, having staff meetings and staff lunches, and worrying about staff politics. Major time-wasters -- for all of us.

Discovery 5: Being with family matters.

Of all the places I could live and work, thanks to freedom of movement made possible by technology, being near family strikes me as an ultimate value.

This is my first tentative take. More discernment will happen as this year goes on and the unusual becomes usual.