Going to India for five months, said my web developer.

Going to South Africa for a month, said my online marketing guru.

“Cool!” said I. And I meant it. Even though we are working hard on a project deadline, the Internet enables us to work anywhere. It’s all email and file sharing, with the occasional phone call, and every few months a meeting.

As I told my New Jersey-based developer, “This global web commerce world is fascinating to me.”

Later I sent a Professional Edition newsletter to church leaders encouraging them to take advantage of this amazing web world to enhance their ministries. Leverage your efforts, I said. Grow your impact.

I also wrote a friend who wondered how to help her small congregation move forward when they don’t have any money. It isn’t about money, I said. It’s about her having the “will, heart and energy for being a bold and visionary leader, “ and their having the “heart, will and opportunity for fresh vitality.” No dollar signs attached to any of that.

These are among the key reasons why I am so optimistic about this moment in the Christian enterprise. We have new tools, a more level playing field, strategies that don’t start with fund-raising, and a growing cadre of leaders who do have the fortitude and passion for moving forward.

What lies ahead is an upheaval, not mild tinkering. I think multitudes are ready for it.