Of all the countdowns to year-end that I am seeing – 10 top stories, eight key predictions, seven hot trends, and so on – the one that most intrigues me today is WQXR-FM radio’s 75 favorite classical pieces, as chosen by listeners.

I love classical music, for one thing. But I am fascinated by what listeners selected. Why was the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto #65 and not, say, #10? Why did anyone vote for Elgar’s tedious Cello Concerto in E Minor (#56)? How many of the top 10 will be by Beethoven? Last year, I think Symphonies 5, 7 and 9 made it.

My point is the phenomenon of diversity. Political campaigning this year seems to be turning on who can denounce, deny and disparage diversity more than anyone else. As if the whole nation was made of Iowa Republicans – whiter, wealthier and more conservative than most Americans.

What nonsense! And then to ground that negativity in Scripture and the US Constitution seems tragic.

Human diversity is fundamental, God’s signature on creation.

Besides when people denounce, deny or disparage diversity, all they really mean is to lament any reality unlike their own. And the starting point is some form of insecurity.

Enough! We face serious issues in these challenging times. Let’s deal with them, not get sidetracked on whom we should be loathing.


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