By Tom Ehrich

I was checking Facebook and came across a sequence from the London Olympics opening ceremony that NBC had refused to show. I watched it anyway, was deeply moved, and couldn’t fathom why NBC thought I shouldn’t see it.  

Suddenly, I had had enough of other people presuming to think for me.

I am tired of having my generation’s every twitch turned into product and advertising, as well as articles relating what others like me are doing and what I ought to be thinking and feeling about it.

I am tired of having Google and Facebook turn my Internet use into data and then into ad displays. In fact, I am tired of advertising altogether.

I am tired of politicians who tell me what America is about and then present a vision that is small and ugly. I am tired of Fox News for catering to the right wing, and of NBC for turning the London Olympics into saccharine money-grubbing narrated by the clueless.

So here’s my plan. I am going to ignore all summing-up-a-generation articles, especially sneaky ones that use nostalgia to sell products or politics.

I am going to wean myself from Google and treat Facebook warily. I am going to avoid every ad they send me.

I am taping the Olympics and fast-forwarding through ads and Bob Costas.

And if NBC tells me I can’t watch an extraordinary sequence centered in hope and faith and a stunning rendition of “Abide with Me,” I will find a way to watch it anyway. NBC won’t decide whether God abides with me.

Here’s the tribute to terrorism victims in the opening ceremonies that NBC thought inappropriate. Decide for yourself.