By Tom Ehrich

I was enjoying a spirited rendition of “The Storm Is Passing Over” by the Detroit Mass Choir – a piece our Gospel Choir is learning – when the camera panned the audience.

There, among hundreds of people shouting in delight and praising God, was a tall father holding his baby boy. While dad greeted the choir with shouts of praise, his son watched him carefully. Not scared, just fascinated.

A lens turned for me. This boy was seeing his father’s passion for God. I thought of all the children who see other kinds of passion – hatred, fear, rage, heckling, mob shouts – and the terrifying message that such passion must send.

The venom of this present political era will scar our nation for many years. Passions have been unleashed that won’t subside when the election ends. Hatred, rage, blaming and scapegoating can’t be stuffed back inside. A new normal has arrived, and it is ugly. Children see that normal and will carry it forward.

It is time for faith communities to shake off business-as-usual and to unleash our passion for God. Children need to see their parents caring about God.

Here’s a link to the video:

Photo: Gospel Choir of Park Avenue Christian Church, New York City