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I spoke with Chris Yaw, of Grow My Church, about how congregations can break out of a 45-year decline and get growing and thriving again. I was glad to share my thinking.

Brew a cup before you watch – as the interview takes a while. And be prepared for the halting technology of Skype.

Otherwise, this is my current wisdom on how congregations can move forward and what leaders ought to be doing. There’s more to say. I’m looking forward to upcoming talks in Indianapolis, Southeast Florida and Vermont.


Q: How can you build Christian community without having organizational structures in place?

A: Same way Jesus did it: form circles of friends. That means small groups and house churches meeting with some regularity, as well as ad hoc groups who just find each other, connect for a time, then move on. Some of these circles will operate within congregations and perhaps have some accountability to the pastor. Some will just happen, as people are drawn together.

Church leaders who grew up with rules, boundaries and rituals of belonging could find these circles bizarre, perhaps threatening. Surely groups need names, schedules, leaders and spaces to meet. No, in fact, they don’t. Wise church leaders will just let circles form and trust in the good nature and common sense of people.