By Tom Ehrich

On Tuesday, two colleagues and I rearranged our office.

Move the worktable to the center, so we work facing each other, not a wall. Move a smaller table to a corner for the office shrine, namely, coffee maker and supplies.

A 10’ X 10’ office doesn’t allow for much revision. But even these changes make a difference. Better use of space — maybe even a touch of what a Chinese colleague calls feng shui — and the fresh perspectives that come from making any change.

My wife and I do this at home all the time. Never attaining perfection, of course, but finding the special zest that comes from “change for the sake of change.”

I believe, you see, that we must always be “reinventing the wheel,” exploring new ideas, walking home by a new path, singing new songs, learning new skills, eating new foods, and meeting new people.

I know some people value sameness and never want anything new to touch their lives. I just don’t understand it. If God is never done with us, how could we possibly be done with life?

Yes, any change involves risk. I have already dislodged the whiteboard once since moving my desk chair. But the risk of not changing is even greater, namely, stifling growth and creativity.

I am working with a young video production intern, for example, who has skills I don’t possess, but even more, a worldview that is different from mine. In developing a series of videos on our new work management application, she is using images, music and themes that would never occur to me.

Her work is changing my perspective. When the series is done, I’ll send links so that you can see what I mean.