By Tom Ehrich

Crowdsourcing -- what a revelation!

When I decided to use this new technique for funding Fresh Day on the Road, I had no idea it would be so personally and emotionally engaging.

Not only have readers stepped up with $3,565 in donations (almost halfway to our goal), but they have sent poignant words of encouragement.

"Blessings to you on this journey of discovery!"

"Happy trails, Tom!"

"Tom ~ I am excited to be 'on the road' with you. I look forward to your dispatches."

"I pray for your safe and eventful journey, and look forward to your daily writings from the blue highways."

"We are with you."

"Remember a pilgrimage is not one without hardship and resistance. Otherwise it's a vacation!"

"Looking forward to traveling the two-lane roads thru your eyes, Tom."

And many more. If ever I doubted the wisdom of this pilgrimage, that doubt vanished as I read comments like these. We are in this life together, and we depend on each other.

Thanks for your encouragement!

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