By Tom Ehrich

Cliche though it might be, I like the idea of making resolutions for the new year. Having a sense of purpose -- both specific and challenging -- seems important.

Here are my resolutions for 2015:

Use pen and paper more (lists, to-dos, poetry). Why? Paper commits me to action, not just to organizing information. I like the feel of a good pen.

Lose 30 pounds (via exercise and diet). Why? I want to be healthier and trimmer.

Rethink my publications (On a Journey, Fresh Day, blog, Church Wellness Report). Why? Keep them fresh. Break free from routine and habit. Strive for honesty, no matter how inconvenient.

Establish a productive and pleasing work environment. Why? I have two books and several publications to work on. I need to focus.

Spend time with grandchildren and their parents. Why? I need them, and they need me.

Simplify our lives. Give stuff away. Travel light. Why? Clear the decks for dealing with the complexities of life and faith.

Rethink my reliance on Google products. Find an alternative to Gmail. Why? I don't appreciate being tracked and traded.

Write more poetry. Why? Poetry helps me to see more.