By Tom Ehrich

I was going to be so clever.

Since my main work computer is a 27" iMac, I could show the Apple product unveiling in live video stream on one side of the screen and keep working on the other.

Problem was: Apple couldn't get its live video stream working. Oops!

I did the next best thing and tuned in a couple of live blogs. Apple's new 5.5" iPhone 6 Plus caught my eye. Its larger form factor will be useful. Apple Watch and Apple Pay left me unconvinced. But I can imagine a market for both.

My main takeaway: Apple is one smart company. They set a high bar for themselves and then surpass it. They're like Porsche in automobiles or The New York Times in newspapers. They give more than you expect and look ultra-cool in doing so.

Too many vendors seem stingy -- not enough features, not enough attention to design, poor customer service, too much attention to scoring bucks. The easy way, as opposed to the energetic and classy way.

Doing things right doesn't have to be expensive. Few of us can afford Porsches, after all. I knew a church, for example, that put out home-baked coffee cake each Sunday, unlike churches that lay out a package of store-bought cookies. I use a word processing app called Draft because, for a minimal cost, they keep adding useful features. I once toured a house for sale where the owner hadn't bothered to clean up his daily mess, unlike sellers who make their property sparkle.

Jesus was living on a different plane, of course, not selling gear, cars or homes. But if you read between the lines, you see that he consistently went the extra mile. He recruited leaders -- and then trained them. He gave a teaching -- and then taught it again and modeled what he taught. He spoke truth to power -- and then stood in front of power and made sure they understood.

I don't know if the world will be better for a 5.5" smartphone. But I do believe Apple and others like it make this a better world by trying harder.