By Tom Ehrich

My sobering task this week is to assemble content for a special Fresh Day magazine feature on the recent shooting in Santa Barbara, CA.

This event has launched a jarring wake-up call for many men, including myself.

I have known about women's being abused. I saw many instances of it during my years as a pastor.

But I hadn't known the extent and duration of that abuse. What began as a hashtag -- #yesallwomen -- has become a lens for seeing what has been around me all this time.

I am grateful to some excellent writers who are contributing to this feature: Lelanda Lee, Susan Russell, Chris Rankin-Williams, Jay Johnson, Yana Biryukova. We will also post links to some excellent work being done on various blogs.

I am writing an article myself, entitled "Power Madness." It's tough going. I feel like a blind man who is being enabled to see, and each day's seeing is different from the day before. I hope many men are on this journey, because we have got to be part of the solution.

I am mindful that my need to see goes beyond gender; it must also include race and sexuality and national origin and socioeconomic privilege. And it must include faith and faith's expression as organized religion.

From steps already taken, I know that the journey will be liberating. But right now that isn't the point. This journey isn't about me. It's about Heidi, Vicky, Mira, Sarah, Anne, Jennifer, Faye, Ana, Kristen, Mary, Nancy, Jodie, Yana, Pinsi, and the many women with whom I share the road.

I sense that many men want to reset our relationships with women. Jesus showed the way. I pray we will have the grace and courage to follow.

*(Next Monday I will post a link to Fresh Day magazine, if you want to read this feature and other articles.) *